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The Daisy Vase Project - Scientific Aspects

There are at least three fields of science which are relevant for the daisy vase project.

One field is human computer interaction as the daisy vase project demonstrates and explores a novel user interface for creative tasks. Typical user interfaces for creation try to transfer the traditional methods to the computer. Programs for the creation of pictures use metaphors from classical painting such as canvas, pens and brushes. However, with digital technologies it is possible to develop new approaches to creative tasks.

Another field is programming generic or creative algorithms. It seems there has not been much research yet. There are some attempts like random art and there are some relations to evolutionary algorithms.
Maybe the recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence can give some additional inspirations.

A further research question is the classification of objects which makes it possible to specify criteria for a database query. Which vases are simple and which are fancy?

Printing a daisy vase
Printing a daisy vase