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The Daisy Vase Project - Commercial Aspects

The introduction of mass production two centuries ago reduced the production costs so that everybody could afford the products. On one hand this made society wealthy as now we can own many products. On the other hand it was also a loss of individuality as we all own the same products.
With computer-controlled manufacturing it is possible to produce individual products for the same costs. Printing costs, for example, do not depend on whether the printer prints different pages or always the same page. The problem, however, is that every product has to be individually designed and we do not have enough designers for all the customers in the world. Therefore we will need methods which enable customers to create their personal and individual design.

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The future of mass production

The method of random generation as presented here, let us call it 'inspired creativity', could be a way for creation of individual things.
Using inspired creativity in a commercial context creates a new shopping experience with exciting discoveries and the feeling of being lucky.
The principle of inspired creativity is universal and does not apply only to vases but also to textiles, shoes, houses, furnitures and much more.