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The Daisy Vase Project - Legal Stuff

The legal stuff is very important. Unfortuneately the laws are different from country to country and it is hard to know, especially for non-experts, which laws apply for an international web site.
Typically there are two aspects - responsibilities and claims. The most important however seems to be the disclaimer.


The vases presented here may not be printable, do not keep the water, or fall down when putting flowers inside. Some vases may have sharp edges and a printed vase may bear the danger of injuries. The programmer of the vase generator does not assure any purpose for which the vases could be good for and therefore is not responsible for any damage or other trouble.
Additionally, the vase generator may have a potential for addiction comparable to gambling or computer games.
Use the vase generator and the vases on your own risk.


An important question nowadays is who holds the copyright? In this case of a random generator this seems to be difficult. There are many options:

As a matter of precaution until such questions are answered the programmer of the random generator claims the intellectual property of all the generator outputs done in the past as well as done in the future and independent on who clicked the generate-button and where.
However, all meshes and bitmaps are free for private use. They are under the creative commons CC BY-NC-SA (refer to the daisy vase project).

This web site uses cookies to save your choosen colors, vase order and vases per page for the next session. During a session the numbers of generated vases are saved to provide a history. The cookie values are not encrypted so you can control the correctness of this statement.


This website belongs to:

Heiko Drewes
Feilitzschstraße 19
80802 München

This website was made with the best intentions and with respect to the rights of others.
In the case somebody does not agree with anything presented on this website, please sent an email with the complains before suing me.


Thanks to Mr.Doob and the Three.js authors for the webGL framework used in this project.